Sustainability is close to us

"Can handle only so much wood a blow, as the forest! So much wood as can grow back!" So formulated Hans-Karl von Carlowitz in 1713 as the first level of sustainability. Without healthy environment, there will be no long-term economic and social progress. Thus, we are committed as a company to do our part for the preservation of an intact environment.

emission free

We are free from harmful substances

The welfare of our employees is important to us as the heart, such as the environment. All SMD components, solder paste and tin are lead-free, and our adhesives used are leaders in occupational safety and health. In addition, we use materials, which according to the principle REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) are produced.

employee 100%


unleaded 100%


Wir sind recyclebar

Starting with recyclable components of our own products to packaging, everything is reusable. Our environmental awareness involves contractual agreements for the disposal of batteries, leaves us Recycled Plexiglas, using aluminum and committed to recycling protection fees.

protection fees 70%

material 90%

packing 100%

climate awareness

We are environmentally friendly lives

Not only we, but also our products contribute to a cleaner environment. By renewable energies, such as the use of solar panels, for driving our engines or energy-saving LED lights, we are wasting less precious resources.

renewable energy 40%

energy saving 60%

love for the environment 100%