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We are the CDS GmbH. Resistance, strength of will and perseverance are since 1987 for us. Initially works on the controls for the building services area, we offer a variety of solutions in the field of radio, control and shading technology. For more than five years we have established ourselves on the LED market and captivate in this area through innovation and high technical "know-how". Renowned testing laboratories confirm the best results for our products. In conjunction with our high production standards, we create unique quality features for unique LED products.

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The headquarters of our company is located in the industrial park Campus Nobel 66793 Saarwellingen. In southwestern state in Germany - the small, but powerful industry Saarland. From there, develop, produce and distribute our high quality products throughout the world.
"Made in Saarland" - an independent brand in a separate world.

CDS GmbH, Innovative Steuerungen, LED, Funk, Eigenmarke Made im Saarland

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We are developer, manufacturer and salesman. Thanks to these three fundamental skills we make the impossible possible always. From standardized standards to special products, this can be realized. Why do this so confidently assert is at the heart of our company. Our developers are not only our own visionaries, but also our architects and designers. They allow you to implement any idea and desires into reality. Our production standard has the flexibility to respond quickly and specifically. Own SMD assembly lines, CNC milling, laser, measuring stations and testing laboratories complete the all-round package. Vetrauenswürdige suppliers with the same standards as working hand in hand with us as timely forwarding agents.

This is us. That's CDS.

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"A place full of






"Experience is called the sum of all errors"
Thomas Alva Edison (1847 - 1931)

CDS GmbH, Innovative Steuerungen, LED, Funk

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Many years of experience and continuous improvement are our key concept to ensure a high degree of optimization. To constantly adapt to changing trends and expectations of demanding customers, existing products are improved and developed new products. Only those who are evolving, remains true to himself.

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